BTS- Save Me

   Save Me by BTS is a fitting song for my life right at this point. Not in the sense of love, but more like my life is is fast forward and I’m trying to catch up.

    Moving forward, I’m glad that I have some time to be able to review this MV. I’m putting this out there now BTS is one of my favorite groups. Therefore, the review will be coming from a Biased point of View.

    Like I said above I like BTS when it comes to their music and MVs they do not disappoint me. In the HYYH: Young Forever Save Me is my 5th favorite song. I have a few lists when It comes to BTS, and those lists are constantly changing.

   My favorite kinds of Music Videos are One-take MVs, and you don’t really see too much of them in Kpop, Which is understandable because it is not easy to do One-takes when you have so many people all singing and dancing at different times. But BTS most definitely did the MV in one take especially if you pay close attention to where other members were still singing or dancing before the camera was shifted to others.

  BTS is a great group, and I’m excited for what they will do in the future.

FBF: 5Dolls 이러쿵 저러쿵 (This and That)

This flashback is dedicated to  5Dolls the female unit in Coed School. This song has such a high catchiness factor that if you are not careful, it will get trapped in your head all day. The song is a great addition to anyone’s workout playlist. Whether running or dancing around for fun, this track is great; you won’t even fell like you were working out.


Music: 5/5 

Visuals/Fashion: 5/5

Choreo/Acting :4/5

Story/Direction:3/5 ( Not a fan of cheating boyfriends)

B.A.P _ Feel So Good

B.A.P is back with Feel So Good. The song is a feel good type of song, which is very mush needed in this day and age. The MV is chill and playful with bright colors that go along with their wardrobe. Overall it is an enjoyable song and MV. Leave in the comments down below your thoughts.


Music: 5/5 

Visuals/Fashion: 5/5

Choreo/Acting :4/5


– 싫어(Hate)

4MINUTE(포미닛) Hate: The Concept of this MV fits each member of 4minute so nicely. From the beginning of the MV to the end the Song, Choreography, and wardrobe are on point. The Song itself is…different( for lack of a better word). Knowing that for 4minute collaborated with Skrillex on this song a bass drop was expected, but it was not the typical kind of beat. At first, listen the beat will through you off completely.



Music : 4/5 (mixed feelings)

Visuals/Fashion: 5/5

Choreo/Acting :5/5



Not a review,please enjoy.


This week there is no review; Just a little something for you guys during this cold weather. I hope you enjoy Jungkook’s cover of Lost Stars by Adam Levine as much as I do.

P.s: I love this version more than the original. Just saying…


Leave your comments down below and let me know your opinion

B.A.P- Young, wild & free

BAP’s new title track Young, wild & free dropped last Sunday November 15. So far the video has had about 1.5 million views and rising; there are pros and cons with this track.


  • Strong comeback track
  • Nice blend of vocals and rapping
  • There is a sense of growth with their music (listen to the whole album).
  • Fun video to watch


  • There is no concrete storyline for the song
  • Similar to a previous track. (One Shot)