Remember – War of the Son


리멤버 – 아들의 전쟁

What a roller coaster of emotions this drama is. One scene everything is going right the next everything falls flat on its face. There is never a dull moment in this drama. Yoo Seung-ho and Park Min-young have both proven to be versatile actors. Yoo Seung Ho’s Character of a young lawyer diagnosed with Hyperthymesia trying to defend his father very well played. Park Min Young did an excellent job with her character as well. This character was entirely different from that of Healer or City Hunter. If you have seen The Girl Who Sees Smells, then you will remember Namkoong Min as the cytopathic killing chef. He is back in this drama, this time as a corrupt, ruthless and brutal president who is responsible for the crime committed. This drama was a great watch. Also, you will need tissues for the last episode.
Overall rating 4.5/5

P.s: (.5) taken off because Seo Jin-woo and Park Dong-ho were described to be smart lawyers, but they kept making stupid mistakes.

무림학교( Moorim school) short review

Moorim School

Moorim School, what a great drama to start off the new year! Only two episodes in and it is already exciting; it just sucks you in. With Hong Bin as a lead role in the show and Vixx having two songs from the OST, it’s a definite that their fans will be seriously thrilled. The plot is quite interesting with such a diverse cast of actors and actresses that we don’t often get to see. The anticipation is building for this drama and hopefully it’s something we all can enjoy. Can’t wait to see what happens next! Be sure to catch the drama yourself as the new episodes come out and give your feedback in the comments below.


Monster killer

Wu Xin

Wu Xin: The Monster Killer

          Usually don’t write about Chinese dramas, but I had to make an exception for this one. This show is outstanding from beginning till the end. The opening and ending song are such beautiful melodies that add to the overall drama. The cast of this drama did an exceptional job in portraying their individual character. my favorite character is the egocentric and kind hearted  Commander Gu played by Ian Wang. I alway loved when he was on screen; he always made me laugh. I can’t mention Commander Gu without talking about Wu Xin played by Elvis Han. Thumbs up for Mr. Han for being able to portray a demon-slaying badass and a sweet husband at the same time. Gina Jin portrayed such a charming and capable Yue Ya. I must also give credit to Sabrina Chen, even though I strongly disliked her Yue Qi Luo character. This drama was nicely paced nothing felt rushed.  

Overall ratings 5/5

STOP, SPOILER!  STOP, SPOILER! STOP, SPOILER! STOP, SPOILER! Do not read if you have not watched it 

p.s: I  wish they make a season because I want to know if Bai Liu Li ever gives him the Journal back or if Commander Gu ever reunites with him. 

leave your comments down below and let me know your thoughts

Oh My Ghostess

Oh My Ghostess

Oh My Ghostess!

      If you are not caught up with the episodes…YOU NEED TO CATCH UP! This is an excellent drama– if you like supernatural, comedy, romance and life threatening situations, then this drama is for you. It provides all of that and more in its 16 episode run. Everything with the cast, from the leads to the supporting roles, was perfect. Each actor/actress had such skills that made their roles very believable and gets you invested into their characters story. It was very interesting to see how the characters develop throughout the drama; which is an extra point added to both the actors/actresses and the writers. The drama was nicely paced, making sure nothing felt rushed or dragged out and the conclusion left me satisfied.
Overall rating 5/5

Ji Sung X Seven (Spoiler Alert!!)

Kill me, Heal me

This has been such a wonderful yet strenuous drama for me to watch because it has so much mystery surrounding it that it makes me feel like I’m going crazy. What I know of the story so far is that it’s about a man named Cha Do-hyun who is the son of a mistress, making him the illegitimate son for the well known Seung Jin Group. What his family doesn’t know however, is that he has a personality disorder that makes him have which he has been receiving treatment for in the US for about 11 years. The only people who know of his illness would be his doctor, Seok Ho-pil, and Manager Ahn.

Aside from the bio information there are a few other things that stick out that lead to creating such mystery in the story and so here is an update about what I know has happened so far: (WARNING SPOILER ALERTS- IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS DRAMA DO NOT READ THE BULLETS… UNLESS YOU DON’T CARE IF YOU LEARN ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS BEFORE YOU WATCH IT.)

  • The previous Chairman of Seung Jin Group and his Daughter-in-law died in a car accident.
    • Following this accident was a mysterious fire that Cha Do hyun was rescued out of; supposedly by his father who was said to have died in that fire.
    • It is later found out that Cha Do-Hyun’s father is not dead but in a coma.
    • In addition, the Daughter-in-law of the Chairman had a child for another man while she was in the US which is still being hidden from everyone.
  • Cha Do-hyun has no memory of his childhood from when he was age 7-8.
    • However, one of his personalities, who calls himself Shin Se Gi, is very cruel and seems to remember those memories.
    • This particular personality also claims that one of the other characters, Oh Ri Jin, is his first love.
    • Lastly for Se Gi, he seems to have a scheme of revenge in the midst which brings him back to Korea, though it is currently unclear as to what his ultimate goal is or why he exactly came back.
  • Oh Ri Jin is a first year psychiatrist who works under Doctor Seok Ho-pil. It is suspected that Do-hyun believes her to possibly be Nana.
    • Nana is a girl who is in Do-hyun’s lost memories who made such an impact on him that he developed a personality after her.
    • It was also suspected that Oh Ri On was Oh Ri Jin’s twin brother, however it seems clear to me that as the drama goes on that’s not the case.
    • It’s been found that Oh Ri Jin has met Shin Se Gi in her childhood and therefore has met Cha Do hyun before.
    • Oh Ri On knows some things about Oh Ri Jin’s past, but is keeping it hidden for unknown reasons.
  • There is a big family secret that is unknown to all except Cha Do-hyun’s mother and the current chairwoman of the Seung Jin Group.

All of these things are what I’ve learned so far from watching the drama as far in as I could get this go around. It has a lot of mystery that captivates my interest and keeps me coming for more as the drama progresses. I will do my best to find the time to watch some more very soon. Hopefully seeing what some of this is about from here will encourage you all to watch this and enjoy it as I have been able to do. There will be more to come I swear, please be patient with me! Have a great day/night or whatever time it is for those of you reading!

Down below are just a few of his personalities.

Shin se ji

Shin Se ji

Ahn Yo Na

Ahn Yo Na

Yo Na's twin brother

Yo Na’s twin brother

Wonderful Mama :)

Wonderfulwonderful mama: I love this drama, and I have quite a bit to comment on it. I honestly felt that the acting was very on point with how well the cast portrayed their characters; you began to feel connected to the characters as the show progressed. The story line as well, with all it’s twists and turns in the plot, was very nicely done and flowed smoothly- I don’t feel like it was rushed whatsoever. The main characters are people you gradually come to love, and the antagonists are truly people you begin to hate (or in best case scenarios, you feel sorry for them). The main character Yoon Bok-Hee was an adamant woman who had a lot on her plate to deal with all at once yet still persevered and continued her journey. She finds out she has Alzheimer’s disease that was taking her memory from her, which causes her to reflect on her life and her kids. She works hard to set her three children on the right path with different and a bit unusual methods (but they work), as well as setting out to look for her missing son. She seems a bit harsh at first but is truly such a “wonderful mama”. Yu Mi-Jeong was very refreshing to watch as she played a sweet and nice character like Go Young-Chae though in the beginning she doesn’t seem that way. Out of all three of Bok-Hee’s children, she was my favorite. She was the one who truly seemed to mature the fastest out of them all and handled the obstacles that came her way; I think seeing her this way pushed her brothers to start acting on the right path. The most annoying character in this drama was Lee Soo-Jin. She was too clingy trying to get and keep her man and had some twisted and diluted schemes to get him and was somewhat wishy-washy with her actions towards him. She was acting a bit pathetic in my opinion; he moved on, get over it, you shouldn’t act so childish and petty by trying to bring down a person’s business just because they won’t be with you. Luckily she shaped up near the end with some humility and dignity like she should’ve done in the first place. One of the hardest parts for me to watch in this drama was the last two episodes; they brought me to tears.

P.S- The main antagonist is an evil woman with corrupt, manipulative, shrewd behavior that makes me, and many others I’m sure, hate her.

Overall Rating: 5/5 This is an amazing drama to watch with well thought out characters that you fall in love with and amazingly interwoven plot twists that keep you wanting more.



Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin has Crazy Mi Reu in White Christmas>

Kim Woo Bin has Crazy Mi Reu in White Christmas>

Kim Woo Bin: He is just too… much of everything! The first drama that I watched with him in it that got me hooked was White Christmas. His character was  Kang Mi Reu or better known as Crazy Mi Reu. With his shocking red hair everytime he was on scene I just could not look away.

Kim Woo Bin has John Kim. Guest appearance in   To the Beautiful You.

Kim Woo Bin has John Kim. Guest appearance in To the Beautiful You.

My second encounter with Kim Woo Bin was his short lived guest appearance in To The Beautiful You as John Kim Jae Hee’s first love. Personally I think that he should have been there longer.

In A Gentleman's Dignity

In A Gentleman’s Dignity


Third encounter was in a Gentleman’s Dignity Kim Dong Hyub. Then he finally had a main role in Heirs… could you say excited. I absolutely love Kim woo Bin and i Hope I get to see him in more Dramas.