About K

My interest Kpop started one lovely winter afternoon in 2011 during my high school dance class. We needed to choreograph a dance for an upcoming show; the only question was ‘what song are we going to dance to?’ At this point in life I had little faith in the quality of American music and didn’t find much of an interest in any of the options. So to go outside the box, my friend plugs in her iPhone and plays some music for me to dance to. One song came on and I just had to stop and ask; the conversation went a little like this:

Me: What song is this?
Friend: Its lucifer by shinee; we can dance to it.
Me: Right… One problem -its not english.
Friend: Does it matter?
Me: No, but the audience needs to understand what it is we are dancing to.

In the end, we unfortunately decided on a different song for our dance. My only problem now was that I could not get that song by shinee out of my head. After a few days, I was still humming the tune and a few of my friends who were into kpop at the time recognized it. When they realized I liked the kpop song, they sat me down and began to introduce me more to kpop groups. I remember that my favorite song around then had been Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby MV; and so started my love for kpop. K Dramas is a whole different story that I will get into in the future.

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