BTS- Save Me

   Save Me by BTS is a fitting song for my life right at this point. Not in the sense of love, but more like my life is is fast forward and I’m trying to catch up.

    Moving forward, I’m glad that I have some time to be able to review this MV. I’m putting this out there now BTS is one of my favorite groups. Therefore, the review will be coming from a Biased point of View.

    Like I said above I like BTS when it comes to their music and MVs they do not disappoint me. In the HYYH: Young Forever Save Me is my 5th favorite song. I have a few lists when It comes to BTS, and those lists are constantly changing.

   My favorite kinds of Music Videos are One-take MVs, and you don’t really see too much of them in Kpop, Which is understandable because it is not easy to do One-takes when you have so many people all singing and dancing at different times. But BTS most definitely did the MV in one take especially if you pay close attention to where other members were still singing or dancing before the camera was shifted to others.

  BTS is a great group, and I’m excited for what they will do in the future.

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