Remember – War of the Son


리멤버 – 아들의 전쟁

What a roller coaster of emotions this drama is. One scene everything is going right the next everything falls flat on its face. There is never a dull moment in this drama. Yoo Seung-ho and Park Min-young have both proven to be versatile actors. Yoo Seung Ho’s Character of a young lawyer diagnosed with Hyperthymesia trying to defend his father very well played. Park Min Young did an excellent job with her character as well. This character was entirely different from that of Healer or City Hunter. If you have seen The Girl Who Sees Smells, then you will remember Namkoong Min as the cytopathic killing chef. He is back in this drama, this time as a corrupt, ruthless and brutal president who is responsible for the crime committed. This drama was a great watch. Also, you will need tissues for the last episode.
Overall rating 4.5/5

P.s: (.5) taken off because Seo Jin-woo and Park Dong-ho were described to be smart lawyers, but they kept making stupid mistakes.

2 thoughts on “Remember – War of the Son

  1. Jay says:

    I wondered that as well. why would you give the ORIGINAL evidence away without making a copy? Give the copy away and keep the original.

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