Monster killer

Wu Xin

Wu Xin: The Monster Killer

          Usually don’t write about Chinese dramas, but I had to make an exception for this one. This show is outstanding from beginning till the end. The opening and ending song are such beautiful melodies that add to the overall drama. The cast of this drama did an exceptional job in portraying their individual character. my favorite character is the egocentric and kind hearted  Commander Gu played by Ian Wang. I alway loved when he was on screen; he always made me laugh. I can’t mention Commander Gu without talking about Wu Xin played by Elvis Han. Thumbs up for Mr. Han for being able to portray a demon-slaying badass and a sweet husband at the same time. Gina Jin portrayed such a charming and capable Yue Ya. I must also give credit to Sabrina Chen, even though I strongly disliked her Yue Qi Luo character. This drama was nicely paced nothing felt rushed.  

Overall ratings 5/5

STOP, SPOILER!  STOP, SPOILER! STOP, SPOILER! STOP, SPOILER! Do not read if you have not watched it 

p.s: I  wish they make a season because I want to know if Bai Liu Li ever gives him the Journal back or if Commander Gu ever reunites with him. 

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