I SEE smells

coupleSensory Couple: The beginning of the drama opens to a police car going down a road and it seems like it had just rain. The atmosphere this drama sets gives me an eerie feeling, like something’s not right. Choi Eun Seol ( Oh Cho Rim) comes home to find her parents have been murdered and are being put on display for her viewing. However, she comes home just at the time when the killer is moving her father’s dead body into position. In her fear, she runs out of the house to escape this murderous villain but ends up getting hit by a car as she runs outside.

The next scene shows a student, with the same name, winding up dead on a hospital bed and this time the student’s brother(Choi Moo Gak) is the one to find her. Though Choi Moo Gak is unaware, he bumps into his sister’s killer on his way to see her. As the viewer we are aware of who the murderer is, but the main characters remain clueless. Just in these first few minutes it seems that a lot is happening and it leaves me with questions such as:

  • Why did the murderer not kill Oh Cho Rim, and only grabbed her name tag?
  • Why would the killer let Oh Cho Rim go despite the fact he had ample time, strength over her, and she was paralyzed with fear for a short time?
  • How is the murderer picking his targets?
  • How are his targets related to each other?
  • What is the significance of the fact two of the victims have the same name?

If any of the questions above peak your interest you should watch this drama.  A complete review of the drama will be given once it is finished being viewed.


p.s: If you have read the webtoon that this drama is based off of PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE no spoilers. Opinions and comments are welcome but please don’t ruin the drama for me and other readers. Thank you!

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