Feeling His Vibe Part III

RM                                                      https://soundcloud.com/bangtan/sets/rm-rap-monster

I’m excited to say Rap Monster’s Mixtape RM dropped on the 20th. I was super excited for when this would come out and it seriously did not disappoint. It really showed Rap Monster’s growth as an artist, allowing him to do his own thing. If you haven’t listened to the whole thing make sure you go do that. Seriously, go now. What are you still doing reading this? You should be listening to the mixtape at least simultaneously. This mixtape really pushed the standards I had for him, it was just that good. In my opinion, I really like tracks 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10; these were my favorites. The one I was especially into was track 8 where it features Krizz Kaliko because it just really made me want to listen to it on repeat, I was seriously just feeling that one, To be honest, because of this mixtape I will probably be more critical in future reviews concerning Rap Monster and BTS as a whole. I now have really high hopes and expectations for his and the whole group’s future songs and anxiously await them even now.

P.S- Ok for real now, go listen to the mixtape! It’s really good! Afterwards, feel free to leave comments and let me know what you thought of it or what song was your favorite.

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