Feeling His Vibe part I

Awakening by Rap Monster from BTS: This song popped up on March 12. I have to admit that I have a bias for BTS, and among them Rap Monster is definitely my favorite, so I may sound a bit biased in writing about this and other things by them. Please forgive me for anything that sounds too biased, I will try my best to not be that way but there are no guarantees. With or without my bias though, this is one seriously amazing and powerful song that just had me thinking ‘WOW!’ Throughout the entire video I was captivated and I believe you will be too. The song talks about his frustration and anger that he faced with being called an “Idol” and selling out as a rapper. The video, in all it’s simplicity, clearly shows this as well. What I also found watching and listening to this music video was Rap Monster’s strength at not allowing labels to keep him down and proving that he’s not letting go of his rapper title by showing his true skills. He is accepting the Idol title graciously in addition to his rapper one and not selling out. I think it shows  true growth of character that he is using the things he’s learned from his prior experiences and showing the passion he has for music all through this song.

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