Ji Sung X Seven (Spoiler Alert!!)

Kill me, Heal me

This has been such a wonderful yet strenuous drama for me to watch because it has so much mystery surrounding it that it makes me feel like I’m going crazy. What I know of the story so far is that it’s about a man named Cha Do-hyun who is the son of a mistress, making him the illegitimate son for the well known Seung Jin Group. What his family doesn’t know however, is that he has a personality disorder that makes him have which he has been receiving treatment for in the US for about 11 years. The only people who know of his illness would be his doctor, Seok Ho-pil, and Manager Ahn.

Aside from the bio information there are a few other things that stick out that lead to creating such mystery in the story and so here is an update about what I know has happened so far: (WARNING SPOILER ALERTS- IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS DRAMA DO NOT READ THE BULLETS… UNLESS YOU DON’T CARE IF YOU LEARN ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS BEFORE YOU WATCH IT.)

  • The previous Chairman of Seung Jin Group and his Daughter-in-law died in a car accident.
    • Following this accident was a mysterious fire that Cha Do hyun was rescued out of; supposedly by his father who was said to have died in that fire.
    • It is later found out that Cha Do-Hyun’s father is not dead but in a coma.
    • In addition, the Daughter-in-law of the Chairman had a child for another man while she was in the US which is still being hidden from everyone.
  • Cha Do-hyun has no memory of his childhood from when he was age 7-8.
    • However, one of his personalities, who calls himself Shin Se Gi, is very cruel and seems to remember those memories.
    • This particular personality also claims that one of the other characters, Oh Ri Jin, is his first love.
    • Lastly for Se Gi, he seems to have a scheme of revenge in the midst which brings him back to Korea, though it is currently unclear as to what his ultimate goal is or why he exactly came back.
  • Oh Ri Jin is a first year psychiatrist who works under Doctor Seok Ho-pil. It is suspected that Do-hyun believes her to possibly be Nana.
    • Nana is a girl who is in Do-hyun’s lost memories who made such an impact on him that he developed a personality after her.
    • It was also suspected that Oh Ri On was Oh Ri Jin’s twin brother, however it seems clear to me that as the drama goes on that’s not the case.
    • It’s been found that Oh Ri Jin has met Shin Se Gi in her childhood and therefore has met Cha Do hyun before.
    • Oh Ri On knows some things about Oh Ri Jin’s past, but is keeping it hidden for unknown reasons.
  • There is a big family secret that is unknown to all except Cha Do-hyun’s mother and the current chairwoman of the Seung Jin Group.

All of these things are what I’ve learned so far from watching the drama as far in as I could get this go around. It has a lot of mystery that captivates my interest and keeps me coming for more as the drama progresses. I will do my best to find the time to watch some more very soon. Hopefully seeing what some of this is about from here will encourage you all to watch this and enjoy it as I have been able to do. There will be more to come I swear, please be patient with me! Have a great day/night or whatever time it is for those of you reading!

Down below are just a few of his personalities.

Shin se ji

Shin Se ji

Ahn Yo Na

Ahn Yo Na

Yo Na's twin brother

Yo Na’s twin brother

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