Wonderful Mama :)

Wonderfulwonderful mama: I love this drama, and I have quite a bit to comment on it. I honestly felt that the acting was very on point with how well the cast portrayed their characters; you began to feel connected to the characters as the show progressed. The story line as well, with all it’s twists and turns in the plot, was very nicely done and flowed smoothly- I don’t feel like it was rushed whatsoever. The main characters are people you gradually come to love, and the antagonists are truly people you begin to hate (or in best case scenarios, you feel sorry for them). The main character Yoon Bok-Hee was an adamant woman who had a lot on her plate to deal with all at once yet still persevered and continued her journey. She finds out she has Alzheimer’s disease that was taking her memory from her, which causes her to reflect on her life and her kids. She works hard to set her three children on the right path with different and a bit unusual methods (but they work), as well as setting out to look for her missing son. She seems a bit harsh at first but is truly such a “wonderful mama”. Yu Mi-Jeong was very refreshing to watch as she played a sweet and nice character like Go Young-Chae though in the beginning she doesn’t seem that way. Out of all three of Bok-Hee’s children, she was my favorite. She was the one who truly seemed to mature the fastest out of them all and handled the obstacles that came her way; I think seeing her this way pushed her brothers to start acting on the right path. The most annoying character in this drama was Lee Soo-Jin. She was too clingy trying to get and keep her man and had some twisted and diluted schemes to get him and was somewhat wishy-washy with her actions towards him. She was acting a bit pathetic in my opinion; he moved on, get over it, you shouldn’t act so childish and petty by trying to bring down a person’s business just because they won’t be with you. Luckily she shaped up near the end with some humility and dignity like she should’ve done in the first place. One of the hardest parts for me to watch in this drama was the last two episodes; they brought me to tears.

P.S- The main antagonist is an evil woman with corrupt, manipulative, shrewd behavior that makes me, and many others I’m sure, hate her.

Overall Rating: 5/5 This is an amazing drama to watch with well thought out characters that you fall in love with and amazingly interwoven plot twists that keep you wanting more.



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