Good Boy


G Dragon and Taeyang Good Boy:

This post is really overdue… So much to do not enough time. Anyways on to the review!

Good boy came out 2 weeks ago and I could not be any happier right now. I already seriously respect G Dragon and Taeyang, but it was increased even further by like 112% with this new song. This is an amazing sound in this song that you can just jam out to and have fun at the club! To be honest, I first heard this in my school’s computer lab and let me just say, it was not easy to listen to this song in a quiet room when all I wanted to do was get up and sing and dance. The wonderful beat and bass were especially invigorating which made me want to get up and dance even more; it was PERFECTION! I absolutely loved the neon lights they used in the video as well as the simple dance steps; they really add to the overall effect of the song. I definitely recommend that all kpop lovers out there, and even the kpop haters, to go and listen to this song because it is to die for.


P.S- Am I the only one who thinks that GD can pull off any style of clothes and hair no matter how silly or ridiculous it may look?

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