War of Hormones!!!

방탄소년단 ‘호르몬전쟁’ MV(BTS War of Hormones)MV: Just came out today  October 21st. A few days ago I had the chance to see the concept photos for the music video; never had it crossed my mind that the MV would be out two days later. I almost wish they would give you some kind of warning when its coming out.So when I saw the MV was out already I immediately had to go watch it. I have to say, War of hormone is one of my favorite songs on the track and to see the MV just made my day. BTS has one of the absolute best styles that I have seen; the clothes for this MV especially stood out to me. In my opinion, their style appeared to have an old time edginess that just makes the guys look great. Lastly, I cannot forget to mention the location that this MV was shot. I’m uncertain where this place is but it seems like just the most perfect setting; I personally loved it and wish I knew where it was.

p.s: The fact that BTS is my Bias group has nothing to do with my opinion, ; )

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