MTMad Town is the new group just debuting from JYP J-tune with their debut song YOLO. After careful consideration, I have decided I’m not entirely impressed… yet. They are neither impressive nor terrible. They still seem to be figuring out what they are comfortable with in terms of the music they perform- they just haven’t quite found their niche. When watching and listening to the music video, I got the feeling of them being a cross between BTS and GOT7. Watching the video, I thought the dance moves were cute but didn’t leave a strong impression. *As a sidenote, I really hope that vandalism and destruction are not their  definition of YOLO.* In addition, I thought the vocals were well done, but I don’t have any particular favorite or bias between group members yet to influence my opinion.Since this is a new group still, I will be sure to continue listening and revisit their group to review again as they progress.

Check out the video for yourself. I would like to hear your opinions.

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