Fated to Love You!!


Just finished watching the Korean version of Fated To Love You.  I have to say it was fantastic! I believe that the Korean version was slightly better than the Taiwanese version though both were excellent. The Korean version had a story that was more developed and expanded on the character development and relationship. In this version,  Lee Gun appeared to be less aggressive towards Kim Mi Young  and less indecisive about who he truly loved. The actors showed a real connection between the characters in the story, drawing people into the show; it made you feel like you were experiencing what the characters were feeling. Although there were some parts that I believe were slow, it did add a bit of suspense to make me want to continue to the next episode. On the other hand, there was one thing I did not like in this version: they did not expand on how Daniel Pitt found his long lost sister. Even though they made it work into the story, it seemed a bit rushed to me as opposed to how they could have added more to it.


Warning: This drama is a tear-jerker! You will cry, so have the tissues ready and on hand.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 stars

I’m taking off half a star for the underdevelopment of Daniel Pitt and his reuniting with his lost sister, as well as the slow pacing of the drama.

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